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Pownum.comPownum is a new site that aims to empower consumers and the public in general to rate organizations the world over. The name of the site is actually derived from “Power In Numbers”, and the idea is to recognize the efforts of these companies that strive to bring a salient service while forcing the ones who have received a bad rating to improve on the services that they provide.


A nice feature is that companies have the right to answer back to any charge. That is what the site terms the “Right of Reply”. It gives organizations the chance to show consumers that they are listening, and that they are taking the necessary steps towards providing a better service. Sometimes, processes of that nature can take a long time, and the changes might not materialize overnight. By using its right to reply, any organization can let the public know that it has taken the feedback it has received into account, and that it has begun acting in consequence.

This Right of Reply is actually a paid service, and the idea is to use half the money which is forthcoming from these payments to support charities from all around the globe. In Their Own Words

“The name ‘pownum’ is derived from ‘power in numbers’. pownum enables the public to rate organisations and by so doing generate an overall number – the pownum rating – based on everyone’s opinion. When organisations see their pownum rating in public they will be forced to act. The best organisations will be publicly commended and we think that’s a good thing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes organizations accountable for their actions, and gives them a chance of enhancing the perception that the public have of them.

Some Questions About

How much must a company pay to have a right of reply?


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