– Let Your Friends & Colleagues Rate You

PlusRated.comYou know that asking your colleagues for a direct assessment of your skills is not the right thing to do. That would be incredibly awkward. They could never afford to be honest, and deep inside you know it. The only way in which they would be willing to speak their minds would be anonymously. And that’s the exact aim of this platform: letting coworkers, peers and colleagues say what they really think of each other without having to disclose who they really are.

And a system like this one can also be used to ask your friends for their personal (and anonymous) advice. They will be able to tell you all about these personality traits that you should consider changing, and comment on these things that you do definitely right.

This site, then, can effectively let you spot both your personal and professional weaknesses and take all the necessary steps for becoming a better individual.

If you want to know more, you might as well create you own account. That costs nothing. And you can also sign in using Facebook, Twitter and Google. In Their Own Words

“PlusRated is NOT just another business networking site. With an eye toward self-improvement, the platform integrates professional & personal reviews with social space. Through peer review, PlusRated identifies your real strengths and weaknesses, by specific skill, so you can quickly see where you excel and what needs improvement.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site gives you a ready chance to improve both personally and professionally, and also provide your own (and anonymous) insight to those who ask for it.

Some Questions About

Are there other sites like this one available? Which one is better-focused?