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PinTutor.comPinTutor offers parents and students a chance to find qualified tutors in the area where they live, see the feedback that these have received from other users and hire them straightaway.

PinTutor can be used at no cost if you are a parent or a student. You will be able to launch a search just be specifying the subject and the place where you are located.

And if you are a tutor, you will be able to choose from either a free or a paid profile. As you can imagine, upgraded profiles are more visible on the overall scheme of the site. For example, these are the profiles that are highlighted on the opening screen, in the section named Featured Tutors.

In any case, profiles can always include information such as how much the tutor charges for his services, and his overall availability. And all tutors can likewise be contacted by users via email, in order to answer any questions that they might have personally. In Their Own Words

Pintutor allows tutors to easily create a free profile advertising their services in their area.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an instant way to find a tutor close to where you might be located, and interact with him/her to the full.

Some Questions About

Will this service ever go worldwide?

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