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OneSkyApp.comThere are some contexts in which the only way to get something done right is by crowdsourcing it. The translation of software applications is a very representative example, with programmers asking users to lend a hand ever since forums and boards became a commodity. Yet, there are not really that many platforms letting developers and their users connect solely to such purposes, and collaborate without barriers of any kind. is one of the few sites available which plays out that very same role. Here, any developer can enlist the help of punters and get his application translated into as many languages as he needs.

Features like integration with Facebook fan pages give the whole system a more organic flow. And everything is all the more practical since developers are allowed to execute a preliminary machine translation. That will make things so much easier for users, and the whole translation process will be sped up in the healthiest of ways. And the fact that everything works on the browser is also an upside. In Their Own Words

Users are your best translators. Easily get your apps translated by users.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Nobody knows your apps better than your users. Asking them to help you out with their translation could be but a good idea.

Some Questions About

Which fees are there to be paid for using this service?


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