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MyRoommateSucks.orgExactly what it’s name says. This new site gives you a classy way to get your back on any insufferable roommate you’re forced to put up with. All you have to do is to type down your story (up to 250 characters are allowed) and it’ll be posted, for all to read and comment. You can’t use your roommate’s real name, but you can spice your post up with a nice expletive or two. As long as you don’t go overboard, nobody is going to edit that out.


The site features pieces that are truly tragicomic like “My roommate always gets home before I do. She watches TV for hours every night in the living room. We don’t like the same shows, so I get stuck paying for 1/2 cable, which I never get to use. She does this every night (even weekends)” and “My roommate spends more time playing pc games than anything else, I’ve never actually seen him go down to wash his clothes. He’s a total nerd”.

Sections with both the best and the worst stories are actually included, so if you’re in the mood for exploring human misery then you’ll get to do it very easily. Whether you’ll laugh out loud or hold your head in disbelief, now, is completely up to you… In Their Own Words

Epic tales of roommates who really do suck!

Some Questions About

What if a user posts a story mentioning someone by a nickname? Is that allowed?


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