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MyLifeListed.comThey say that our life experiences only come truly alive the moment that they are shared with our loved ones. And it is easy to agree with that, really – it is the same as saying that what is good for us is only good for us if it is also good for those we really care about. That is the way I think, and I am sure many of you can identify with that. And you will also identify with the site I am to tell you about right now.


My Life Listed is an online community where people share all the good things that have happened to them. The idea is to let anybody look back on all these things that have brought satisfaction to him, and also to have them shared with those that mean the world to him.

On the site (which can be joined and used for free) life experiences can be arranged in lots of different categories such as Free Time, Giving Back, Travel and Big Stuff, and it is also possible to create your very own categories in case you want to get even more specific. If it is something good that happened to you, it will be shareable on the site in one way or the other. In Their Own Words is a simple and fun way to list, count and share your life experiences.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a top way to celebrate all the good things in your life, since you are giving others a chance to be part of them.

Some Questions About

What else can these lists of good things be used for?


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