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Mojingo.comI have the perfect site for those of you who love sports. Mojingo is where you can head to in order to take part of contests that will put your knowledge to the test, and that will let you win cool prizes.

Users of Mojingo can submit picks on games against real-time betting lines. Each real life game has a contest associated to it. When a user of Mojingo submits a pick, he is automatically entered into the contest for which that specific game qualifies. And since weekly, monthly and seasonal contests are held on the site, a single pick could make the user qualify for several contests at once.

The dynamics of the site mean that picks can be locked once they have been placed. This translates into the fact you can earn twice as much, but you might as well lose twice as much points if you make a blunder.

NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAAB, MLB… these are all actively supported already, and you will be able to make picks for all of these. In Their Own Words

We created to be a sports entertainment site where fans can interact, and hope it adds to the enjoyment of being a sports fan, without adding to the risk.

Why It Might Be A Killer

So many sports are supported that just anybody will find something for him here.

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How is this different from a betting site?