KillerStartups – For Players Of MMORPGs

MMORPGregistry.comSome people loathe them and call them the true root of behavioral issues, others can’t get enough of them. The fact is that MMORPGs have changed the way in which games are played for good.

The experience is more immersive, and the actual situations that players face are notably more organic.

As I think I have said before, my gaming days ended when the Commodore Amiga bit the dust. I have watched the phenomenon of MMORPGs more from the sidelines than anything else. But being a (very avid) exgamer I do get to understand immediately how engrossing these titles can be.

And it is entirely obvious that a service such as MMORPG Registry is going to gain adepts and followers very easily. It will let anybody keep track of all his MMORPG characters in a clear list showcasing each character’s game, level and server.

Also, you can store your passwords and usernames. This is all the more useful because sometimes people who play MMORPGs take long breaks as they become immersed in new titles. In this way, they will avoid the horror of forgetting how to gain access to a game they had gotten very far on because a lot of time has elapsed. In Their Own Words

“Keep track of all your MMORPG characters in one clear and customizable list!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea is ace – players of MMORPGs often don’t devote themselves to just one title. And some tend to take breaks which can be quite long. A service like this one ensures they will be able to get back on track in no time at all.

Some Questions About

Will this service always be provided for free? Or will some paid features be introduced later on as well?

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