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Mlistr.comMlistr is a movie recommendation system. On the site, you will be able to you build up a list detailing all your favorite flicks, and based on the selections that you have included Mlistr will reel a list of titles that you could like.


Additionally, you can search for new movies to watch by using a series of sliders that will let you specify what kind of film you habitually enjoy. You can set down the importance of the plot, how violent/romantic/profound you need it to be, and also whether the movie will have scenes of adult nature or not.

Of course, you can use these sliders in order to find a movie to watch with someone else. If you have some friends coming over for dinner and you plan to watch a DVD later on, you can simply give Mlistr a try and find the kind of movie you know they will enjoy watching. And the sliders will let you ensure the movie will also appeal to you, even slightly – you simply tweak with the parameters a little, and make sure that these elements you like are present at least marginally. In Their Own Words

Find good movies and people!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to find new movies that can appeal both to you and any of your friends – using the provided sliders, you can find a title that will suit just everybody.

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How many films can you include in your list?


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