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MillionEyesMe.comDebuting today, Million Eyes Me is a service that lets webmasters get unbiased feedback on the services that they are offering. Million Eyes Me will connect a webmaster with over 200 real users, and make them analyze and review his website.


They will be asked to answer a series of questions that are focused on how well the services that it offers are being marketed. The direct aim of Million Eyes Me is enabling webmasters (or in its defect a site’s design team) to determine how well their sites are really converting.

A site is no good if punters are not buying or subscribing. Products don’t sell themselves. They don’t jump out of a shelf in a store and disappear with the first customer. You have to make people actually pick them up, take a good look at them, and make a purchase. It is the same with a website. It has to encourage the visitor to actually buy something. If it can’t do that, then it is not its playing out its true role. Well, the services provided by Million Eyes Me will let you stand assured that your website will be as tempting as it can be. In Their Own Words

“What if you knew ahead of time exactly what people were looking for? What if you could find out exactly why people weren’t buying? What if you knew exactly what makes the most successful websites on the internet successful? The MillionEyes Report will help you do just that. It provides the real, raw reviews from your target market that allow you to see your website from the customers’ point of view – the only point of view that really matters.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you figure out how well your site is converting, and do something in the event the numbers are not what they should.

Some Questions About

What is the maximum number of users that you can have review your site at once?


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