Microtask.com – The Future Of Crowdsourcing

Microtask.comMicrotask announces itself as the true future of distributed work and crowdsourcing. That claim is made based on the high scalability that can be achieved through Microtask, as assignments can be divided and subdivided time after time until every single item is taken care of with the same degree of attention.

Besides, the pricing model that has been chosen (a pay-as-you-go model) simply makes everything more functional. Users will be charged according to the actual volume of work that they are generating, instead of having to pay a fixed rate that might not reflect what they are really demanding and getting in return.

Some of the main services provided by Microtask include the processing of hand-written forms (so that they can be integrated into databases), and the digitalization of large physical archives (such as the ones kept by National Libraries). These are just two that are mentioned on the site. You can actually get in touch with the Microtask team and fill out a needs-assessment survey for free, and at no obligation.

Microtask.com In Their Own Words

“Microtask enables seam¬less, real-time and scal¬able on-demand out¬sourcing. Our ser¬vice is based on our pro¬pri¬et¬ary ser¬vice plat¬form, which auto¬mat¬ic¬ally divides assign¬ments into tasks, dis¬trib¬utes them and then col¬lects the res¬ults. With our pay-as-you-go pricing model, this trans¬lates to increased effi¬ciency and lower fixed costs.”

Why Microtask.com It Might Be A Killer

The fact that clients are billed only for what they use makes the whole service more coherent from start to finish.

Some Questions About Microtask.com

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