– English As A Second Language

A website for people who are studying English as a second language, includes vocabulary lists, games and puzzles that are sure to increase anybody’s understanding of English. The many language activities that are available on this website are grouped under the following headings: “Vocabulary”, “Speaking”, “Grammar & Vocabulary”, “Listening & Reading”, “Writing” and “Singing”.

Word games, word puzzles, quizzes, slang expressions, proverbs, anagrams, a random-sentence brings all these together, and you’ll have to pay nothing for doing any of the activities that are offered.

And not only is the site 100% free to use, all of its available games and puzzles work on the browser. You won’t have to download anything to your computer, on everything is handled online.

So, if you’re studying English as a foreign or second language a site like is the perfect place for reviewing all the concepts that you have learned, and making sure that you won’t forget them in a hurry. Check out the first-time visitors section for a great introduction to the site. It brings together all the easiest activities for beginners on the same page, so that you can start seeing what the site is all about in a really practical way.