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Magajin.comCould you be defined as a bit of an otaku? Well, if you do then Magajin is a new community site that will be right up your street. Think of it as a version of devianART for all things manga and anime, and you will have a good idea what to expect.

But just in case you know nothing about devianART, it suffices to say that the site makes it possible for you as an artist to monetize your own content by selling prints, mugs and related items that are emblazoned with your illustrations.

It must also be mentioned that the site is powered by social translation. That is, any comment that is posted on Magajin will be either translated by an algorithm, or by users of the site who volunteer their services.

Other than that, the site hosts competitions and events to bring its userbase together. Let’s face it, you already know if you like manga or not. A site like this one won’t make you change your concept of something that is one of the true hobbies of Japanese people. It will let you nurture your passion, and make it grow for sure. But it won’t make any new converts. In Their Own Words

“Magajin is a community for Anime and Manga drawing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Lovers of manga and anime will be in their element. And otakus will be just ecstatic, of course.

Some Questions About

How much can an active artist make through the site?

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