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Locationary.comThe creator of Locationary defines the site as the most comprehensive database of worldwide places on the Internet. He makes a very interesting analogy, and one that really holds its own: if Facebook is termed the White Pages for the digital age, then Locationary stands as nothing less than the Yellow Pages.


The idea of the site is to become the spot in which businesses can create their own profiles and become reachable by just everybody. And since these profiles are meant to be created and maintained by the owners of the businesses themselves, the information is always going to be up-to-date. That’s only natural – it’s in their best interests.

If you have a local business, you already know how difficult is to become findable through search engines. And the smaller the place you live in, then the more difficult it gets to become noticed online.

Besides, a system like this one can be used by landlords and homeowners who want to give their property more visibility. And we haven’t yet mentioned locals who want the places they live in (and adore) to be well-represented online.

And the whole way that this database has been structured means that users are rewarded for their activity. For example, the first person who adds a specific place to the map receives a financial reward. And those who update places are also rewarded for their efforts. In Their Own Words

“Locationary is the new global place directory. We call it The World’s Place Database (TM). If Facebook is the new 21st century White Pages (where every person has a profile page), then Locationary is the new 21st century Yellow Pages where every place has a profile page. We’re going to offer businesses and others a Universal Profile(TM) where they update it here, and we distribute their information to every search engine, mobile device, and website.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Nobody knows a place like locals. This site lets them set down their knowledge somewhere everybody else could benefit from it. And businesses couldn’t ask for a better way to promote themselves, really.

Some Questions About

Which countries have already got more places in?


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