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Lexxing.comSay what you want, but the only true way of picking a language is by being in 24-hour proximity to its culture. And which better way to do that than by becoming acquainted with some native speakers? And that is not difficult any longer. Language exchange platforms like Lexxing make that a very, very easy task.


On Lexxing, you will be able to find language partners from all over the world. It is all a matter of picking the language that you want to learn for matches to be carried out right there and then. You will be presented with several individuals, and tbe able to pick one who would match your current skill level and the speed at which you can assimilate new knowledge.

Conversations can actually be carried out in person and via the provided Lexxing chat, so that if you have met a suitable partner who is half the world away (or if you are reluctant to meeting in person right off) then you will have the chance to do things your very own way. In Their Own Words

Where people and languages meet!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes it very easy to get to know native speakers, and then pick the one you are keen on pursuing a language learning process with.

Some Questions About

What else can be done through the site? In which other ways can people interact among themselves?


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