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LetterLearning.comA site created by a teacher, Letter Learning has been designed to assist these parents that are worried about the literacy skills of their children. Through this site, they will be able to send greeting cards to their little ones, and slowly let them improve their spelling, letter formation, handwriting and reading skills. Birthday cards Thank You cards, Just Because cards… these are all readily sendable through the site, and they all come with the kind of cute designs and characters that anything which is children-related should bear.


And the site actually offers much more than that, as advanced cards for practicing math and other traditionally taxing topics can also be delivered.

In the end, the role a site such as this one can play in the life of any children is more than obvious. Text messaging and short communications have put the literacy skills of the younger ones on jeopardy. Personalized cards that are sent by their loved ones stand as the most meaningful context in which they could become acquainted with proper grammar and spelling. In Their Own Words

Educational greeting cards for kids.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Cards like the ones purchasable through this site can play a truly motivational role in the lives of children.

Some Questions About

How much can these cards be customized?


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