LetsLunch.com – Have Lunch And Make New Connections

LetsLunch.comTurn your lunches into something really productive by signing up for a service like LetsLunch,.com and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re doing all that can be done to expand your professional network. LetsLunch is a platform that follows in the steps of others that we have already reviewed here on KillerStartups such as Lunchpreneur and GrubWithUs, as it basically lets you make new professional acquaintances over lunch.

The site lets you find people in three ways: by interest, by location and by name. So, if you want you can have lunch with people who don’t move in your very same professional circles. The idea is to let you expand your network in as many ways as possible.

And you can always know who the most interesting users are since everybody has got his own feedback and reputation. The ones that understand what the site is all about better (and who could let you take your career forwards faster) are really easy to spot.

LetsLunch is currently available to people in the US and in Italy. You can sign up for the service at no cost, and also sign in using your favorite social service. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all supported.

LetsLunch.com In Their Own Words

Grow your professional network over lunch.

Some Questions About LetsLunch.com

What steps are taken to ensure the experience of users is always going to be safe and enjoyable? LetsLunch.com