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For companies that manage a community of online users in their webpages, it is essential that they moderate what these users write in their boards or message sections. The risk of people writing insults or making offensive comments are too high. And that is something which must be taken care of. is a company that is aware of this, and offers software that automatically filters comments written by members of the community of a certain website.

The internet’s history has marked that user generated content is today the main trend in the web. What we know as web 2.0 names this situation in which users are the ones who fill the contents of websites, as opposed to big companies putting up their webpages in only one direction (from organizations to readers). Many of the first kind of websites have become the most succesfull internet based companies.

“Inversoft was founded in 2007 to address the opportunities and challenges created by the exploding popularity and importance of user-generated content.”, says their website.

Inversofts’s features

The main company’s service is an Intelligent Filtering Engine that will let you keep a non cursing content from users. This tool is called Clean Speak, and lets you identify and block the unwanted messages, such as offensive comments related to race, pornography (included images), or hate-speak.

Sources like Live chat, Text Messages, Blogs, Social networks among many others can be controlled by this software, helping you to keep a clean space for the community and enhance their experience on your web. The features of Clean Speak don’t end there, because they include a system to detect attempts to avoid the filter, such as separating words with spaces, writing them in other languages, and many more.

Also, Inversoft gives your company a chance for moderating the incoming written texts. This is done by setting different levels of moderation. One of them lets you see the most critical types of comments for you to approve. Sometimes, when the contents has a more ambiguous feel to it, you may review it as soon as it is published, just in case. These are just some of the options related to moderation, about which you can read more thoroughly at their site.

Finally, Inversoft gives your company a whole set of analytic tools for you to make the best decisions based on your users’ behaviour. As their website tells:

“Use the data and insights gleaned from using CleanSpeak to support better decision making across all aspects of your business. Because of the unique nature of each of our clients’ businesses, all analytics and reporting packages are quoted and developed on a custom basis.”

These features allow, for example, to make emerging trend identification, or identify Up & Cross-sale opportunities, among other capabilities.


Author : Charly Zaks

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