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Intervue.meIntervue offers people the chance to have questions asked and answered in an involving fashion, as the site favors the recording of video replies as the way in which insight and knowledge is shared.


That is the main difference with the many other Q & A sites that populate the Web, and it must be said that the site works pretty well for a change. The fact that the answers have to be kept concise (no more than 60 seconds) really helps. Nobody meanders on Intervue.

And once a video reply has been posted, then other people can proceed to comment on it and remark how accurate (or not) that particular answer has been. Plus, each and every video reply that is posted can then be downloaded as a MP4, taken on your pendrive and consulted when you are offline.

In any case, it must be mentioned that questions and answers can be kept private. It all depends on what you are going to ask, and to whom. In Their Own Words

Intervue is a quick and easy tool for publishers who are looking to gather short video responses online from anyone with a webcam.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Intervue is based on a simple premise – it lets people get live answers to common questions. These are kept purposefully short, and that makes the site even more practical in the end.

Some Questions About

Under specific circumstances, is it possible to record longer answers? Or is the 60-second limit fixed for good?


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