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iNaturalist.orgI have seen my fair share of niche communities by now, but I had never seen one like iNaturalist. Never before had I seen a site that was just for people who loved nature. And regardless of how useful or not I find it to be myself, there’s no way I could accuse the site of not being different. It comes with an interactive map where you can keep track of species and wildlife, and in addition to letting you explore other people’s contributions you can record your very own observations.


The main menu is actually split into five different sections: “Observations”, “Species”, “Projects”, “Places” and “People”. And a search tool for looking places directly is also featured. As of the time of writing this, the continent that has seen the most activity is Africa. And Western Europe has also got its fair share of entries.

The site is open to nature lovers from all over the world, and if you have an iPhone or an Android then you can download the iNaturalist application (App Store link, Android Marketplace link) for free, and add observations right as you make them. In Their Own Words

A community for naturalists.

Some Questions About

How successful can something like this turn out to be? Is it too niche for its own good?


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