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HTML5Advent.comA site that would make Steve Jobs proud, the HTML 5 Adventure Calendar is devoted to nothing but the newest HTML 5 projects under development. The site itself is made up of a big calendar for you to click about. You click on a date, and then the project that is associated with that date will be displayed. Photos and a juicy overview are always provided for each and every project that is featured.


Of course, if you are laboring at your very own HTML 5 site then you can have it submitted and featured on the calendar for everybody to learn more about it. Such a process is free, and just everybody is invited to submit what he is working on.

If anything, this site is a clear indicator of how rapidly HTML 5 is being assimilated by programmers and developers, and the relevance it is to have on the content that we consume daily when we are surfing the Web. In Their Own Words

24 days of killer demos, tutorials, community buzz, and other stuff that Steve Jobs would love.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it clearly reminds us of the rapid rate at which HTML 5 is spreading itself.

Some Questions About

What other role could a site like this one eventually play?


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