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Honestly.comA site that was previously known as Unvarnished, Honestly lets anybody rate and review his coworkers. That is an anonymous process, but those reviews that are indeed accurate will give the ones who penned them reputation points, and the more points the user garners then the more respected he will obviously become.

In addition to having a new name, now the site has opened up in a grand scale. Previously, only people who worked at any of the 200 tech companies that were featured were allowed to claim a profile. On the contrary, now anybody can sign in via Facebook and become reviewable through the site.

The one drawback that sites like this one have is that they are always open to personal vendettas and retaliations from former colleagues. That can’t be helped, but the site complicates thing unnecessarily by not letting users remove comments manually. The only reason something would be taken off the site is if it is illegal. And those who have had a profile created can’t opt out of it, either. The profile will be sitting there whether they like it or not. In Their Own Words

“Get the inside scoop on your potential boss, coworkers, or business partners.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If monitored correctly, it can turn out to be a valuable professional resource.

Some Questions About

How can a site like this one be safe from trolls and vindicatory people?

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