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GradSave.comGiving your boy a shiny baseball bat for his birthday is great, but what about giving him something that can play a larger role in his academic life? That’s what this new site lets you do. GradSave is an online gift registry that lets both friends and family contribute money to a 529 college savings plan. Just by signing up for a GradSave account and creating a profile for your child, you’ll be letting everybody help in his future education by donating to such a plan. Creating an account costs nothing, and once the account is ready then you can easily spread the word on sites like Facebook and Twitter, in a bid to get the support of even more people.


The way the site works, it’s very easy to keep track of who’s helped you with what. Your account comes with full analytics, letting you see all the gifts you’ve received, and who they’re from. And you’re also able to set down individual goals within the larger scheme of things.

So, GradSave is a bit like a honeymoon registry, except that all the money is going to a child’s college savings plan, not to his parents. It’s a spot-on idea, and this is exactly the kind of site we need at a time like this, when parents don’t even know how they’ll pay for the roofs over their heads, let alone their children’s future education. In Their Own Words

Find the best nationwide 529 College savings plan.

Some Questions About

Must you always sign up for a 529 plan when using this site? What if you want to sign up for a different plan? Can that be arranged somehow?


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