– Learning Languages By Playing Games

GiftedSpeech.comUp until you are eight years of age, your brain processes everything in a different way. Any language that you become acquainted with during that time is forever going to become attached to your perception in a way comparable to that of native speakers and their home tongues.

Knowing that, it is not a bad idea to make your children become acquainted with any language that you deem as significant while they are within that age range. And having applications like Gifted Speech available simply makes bringing your kids closer to new languages even easier.

Gifted Speech develops games that facilitate the phonetic learning of languages. These are all colorful and filled with lovable characters, and the children are sure to love them. If they stick at it, they will be speaking with an authentic accent before they (and you) even notice.

Actually, that is not true. Gifted Speech can produce progress reports showcasing exactly how close your little ones are to getting near the mark. So, everything is as assessable as you want here. In Their Own Words

Children aged 4 to 10 have a unique ability to acquire the phonetics of any language. Our fun games and animated videos tap into this gift, giving children a multi-language foundation so they can speak any language with an authentic accent.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Games like the ones offered here will let you maximize the inherent ability that any child has got to learn a language.

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Can you request a language be added to the list of supported ones? Will the company act on that?