– A Site Where You Can Recruit Cofounders

Foundrs.comIf you are the kind who has always lamented the absence of an ordered and categorized database of cofounders for startups, then this site will give you a cause for celebration. stands exactly as that. It is a website in which any entrepreneur can get cofounders for his next project or projects.

And there is more to the site than that, as Foundr will not only let you meet up with other cofounders – it will actually let you incorporate your company virtually once you have joined forces with other people. That is, Foundr will let you distribute the ownership of the company that you all have come up with in a legally-binding way. And equity can be adjusted at a later date. If someone else wants to join in the action later on, then he will be able to become a cofounder and have his share clearly set down.

And if the startup does indeed take off, then this virtual incorporation can be taken one step beyond and the company can be incorporated for real. It will be just a matter of taking the documents to a lawyer for him to take care of all the legal technicalities. In Their Own Words

“Enroll Co-Founders You Don’t Know Without Risk.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Many a friendship has been ruined by a successful/failed venture. A site like this one does all that can be done to prevent that from happening, by setting everything down in clear terms from the very beginning.

Some Questions About

Are these services available to people who are located outside of the United States?