– Reviewing Dishes And Not Just Restaurants

Foodee.comThere are enough restaurant review sites on the Web to fill Helm’s Deep with – and then some. This site is thankfully different in the sense that it will let you find a top place to eat by focusing your search on the actual dishes that are offered at specific restaurants.

As a result, the site is made up of dish reviews submitted by folks like you and me. These reviews revolve around three main points: the presentation of the food, its originality and (of course) its actual taste. Each review also comes with a juicy comment in which the reviewer will explain why did he rate the dish like he did.

And just to cover all bases, the site also includes restaurant reviews. This means that if you have read about a great dish then you can proceed to read more about the restaurant that offers it. In this particular case, the criteria that is weighed up includes the décor, the price and how clean the venue is, not to mention the quality of the service on the whole. In Their Own Words

“Helping you find and share the best dishes and restaurants in your area.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a resource makes for finding a top place to eat at in an entirely different way, as the focus of the search is shifted altogether from traditional resources.

Some Questions About

Which areas are better-covered so far? Will that change?