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FileFx.comFileFx is a paid file sharing website. If you have never come across one such site before, just think of it as a spot where people can upload their files and get paid when others download them.

All that an uploader has to do is share the download link that is generated once his file becomes hosted online in order to earn about $0.80 for each download.

The site itself has quite a generous file capacity to speak of. People can upload files amounting to as much as 500 MB. But if you think about it, that is only logical – the files users will be more willing to download are always going to be movies and music, and these are large files by definition. Had the upload limit been around the 100 MB mark, then the flow of uploads and downloads would have been adversely affected.

And bear in mind that you are also paid a 10 % bonus for each friend that you refer to the site. In Their Own Words

The highest paying file sharing site.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sites like this one could never fail in times of financial upheaval.

Some Questions About

What can and cannot be shared on the site?