Fewtur.com – Predict The Future

Fewtur.comFewtur is based on the ostensible premise that just anybody has got some prophetic qualities to him. Which is not wrong, but to build an entire site based on what people like you and me could predict might be a bit too much.

Because that is what Fewtur stands for. It is a site in which anybody can publish his own predictions, and have them not only read by others, but also voted and commented.

You can predict who will win the Super Bowl, how well Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the Harry Potter gang will do now that they have hung up their wands and brooms, how likely you think it is for The Police to reunite and record a new album… Anything goes, really.

This site is hardly substantial. It is original in its own way. But it is not something really purposeful. And it might (or not) be something funny. It depends on what predictions you find on its homepage when you visit it.

Fewtur.com In Their Own Words

An easy way to know what will happen.

Why Fewtur.com It Might Be A Killer

The site is sporadically fun. It depends on what people feel like predicting.

Some Questions About Fewtur.com

How could this site become somehow more practical? Is adding full support for Facebook and Twitter the answer? Fewtur.com