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For people who live on Spartanburg (South Carolina), the First Baptist Spartanburg church is the perfect place to praise God and strengthen your faith. The church welcomes people of all ages, and it’s even got recreational spaces for the little ones. There, they’ll have a good time with other children while also getting acquainted with God’s message. And visiting is the quickest way to learn about all the services and activities taking place at First Baptist Spartanburg.


The site includes extensive information on the Church’s mission and ministries, in addition to full timetables showing you when the next services and celebrations are going to be held. A “Request a prayer” button is provided on the homepage, to instantly let you ask your ministry for assistance. And a chat room is likewise available, for these times in which you really need the words and the encouragement of a man of God.

Besides, live web services are available on These are named e-blasts, and you can freely join them. A live counter lets you know when the next one is going to take place.

And those of you who want to volunteer your services and help the Spartanburg community can easily do so through the site. Just follow this link to know more about the programs that are available, and the impact they have on the lives of those in need.


Author : Bill Webb

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