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FathomAway.comA site that went live in Spring 2011, FathomAway is a must-visit for people who take their traveling serious. This website features in-depth coverage of destinations the world over, by way of articles, photo galleries and videos that can but give you an impeccable understanding of any place that’s reviewed.


And also includes a series of guides that cover different aspects of the travel experience. These guides are called “Postcards”, and they are categorized around a common “I travel for the…” theme. You can complete that sentence in ten different ways: “Chill”, “Culture”, “Food”, “Good”, Kids”, “Romance”, “Scenery”, “Quirk”, “Stuff” and “Thrill”. You can easily find all the hotels, restaurants and shops that fall within each theme, and a point is made to take all different price points into account.

The site also features itineraries for all kind of travelers: first-time travelers, businessmen, people who go somewhere just for the day… And knowledge about money, taxis and tips is provided on the many “Cheat Sheets” that are featured on the site. Every major destination has got one. And it goes without saying that they’re frequently updated. In Their Own Words

FATHOM is an independent online travel hub that?s been alive and kicking since spring 2011. It reflects the way that wired, global-minded travelers plan for and share their travel experiences. FATHOM is for those who tour the world spontaneously and deliberately, who combine business with pleasure, and who seek out the new while appreciating the familiar.

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