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ExpertBids.comExpert Bids stands as a marketplace for professional services. Through this site, anybody can get in touch with accountant, lawyers and related professionals, and get personalized bids free of charge.


Here, anybody can post a service request that will then come to the attention of the relevant lawyers, accountants and consultants who have a profile on Expert Bids. These professionals will then be able to review what has been requested, and (if they feel that it is a service they can render) send a bid using either a flat or hourly fee. The client will be able to review this bid, weigh the pros and cons, and (if all is well) pursue a relationship with such a lawyer, accountant or consultant.

Of course, picking the right professional is a much easier task since the profile of each comes complete with references provided by their past clients.

So, as far as legal, accounting and consulting work is concerned this is a site that you might like to keep in mind from now on. In Their Own Words

A professional services marketplace.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A platform like this one puts the customer in an excellent position, as he can review multiple bids at once and easily pick the best of the best only.

Some Questions About

Will the site ever broaden its scope, and let you find other kind of service providers?


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