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The best way to promote your business is for others to talk about it and recommend it to their friends. It is a free system, and seems to be so effective because of people trusting their own friends and not the advertisements they can see around, which they know they’ve been paid for.

A website called bases its service in that fact from real life. We also know that big marketing campaigns may be afforded by big companies, but not by small businesses that work really hard to offer good quality products. A whole budget aimed at marketing could make a company rest from working to achieve good quality, fore they know that they will attract customers by paying for advertisements.

Apart from realising about this facts from real life, takes into account two other obvious facts from the world of the internet. One of them is the popularity gained by social media. The other one is the popularity gained by group coupon sales which allow customers to get very good deals.

Businesses can sign up and hire ExpectReferrals to get the chance of rewarding your customers for sharing deals from your business with their contacts. The advantage will extend to the three of those parties. Your customers get rewarded because of the incentive you’ll give them (a discount or some kind of prize, for example), their referred contacts will get a coupon with the certainty that your business was recommended by someone they trust, and you will receive more customers.

ExpectReferrals gives you the chance to have your own website so that customers can use them to make their recommendations automatically, and using whatever social tool they prefer. It may be e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, their mobile devices, and many more. In Their Own Words

It is a completely managed environment for your incentive sharing program. It includes a website, follow up emails, social media, mobile, advertising tools and so much more.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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