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EntranceCorner.comEntrance Corner is a site that is aimed at students who are in need of career guidance and advice. Here, they can be assisted at all the different stages of their academic lives. From determining which educational institution to attend to which classes to take once they are there, this site offers help in enough contexts to suit just anybody. You see, in addition to bringing online guidance Entrance Corner can provide both voiced and offline counselling to those who need it.


And the list of online services that are provided is really extensive, as exams can be found and prepared on the site. And information both on admission processes and scholarships can be readily accessed, too. Also, collaborative processes can be carried out very easily using the provided networking platform and discussion forums.

In this way, young people will no longer have to rely on guesswork or gut feelings when it comes to something as pivotal as career choices. This site provides them with all they could need in order to make wise and coherent decisions. In Their Own Words

Enabling students to build an informed academic career through an integrated and seamless platform that offers Counselling, Collaboration and Resources.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let students make much better-informed career choices.

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