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EngineerOutsourcing.comEngineer Outsourcing stands as a marketplace that allows companies from all over the world to hire the work of remote engineers who reside in India. As much as 200 engineers can be hired in 24 hours. All of these engineers come from firms that hold the relevant international accreditations, and the database of providers can actually be fully searched from the main page.

AutoCAD drafting, CAM, CAE and 3D conversions are just some of the clearest examples of the kind of work which can be outsourced through this site. And the way in which assignments are handled is sure to resonate with clients, as payments are held in trust until all the terms of the project have been fully satisfied.

A top way for you to learn more about Engineer Outsourcing would be paying the site a visit right now, and giving the featured projects a good look. You will get to see the kind of requirements that can be posted, the timeframes that are agreed upon and the general degree of professionalism at play. In Their Own Words

Engineer Outsourcing is an online marketplace that connects small and medium sized businesses with qualified and cost-effective service providers for outsourcing work such as AutoCAD drafting, CAM, CAE, 3D conversions and simple engineering projects.

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It stands as a time and cost-effective way to get engineer work done.

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