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EnergeeInc.comDo you think you could leave your mark as an entrepreneur? Could you create a company that would eclipse every other in town? This new online game will let you find that out. And it’ll let you know as much in the safest of ways, as you won’t have to invest your own, hard-earned cash. Energee Incorporated is a game in which you’re provided with 100 million dollars to start an energy company of your very own. The game turns you into an entrepreneur that has to find and buy wind farms, oil wells, solar fields and clean nuclear plants, until your company is established.


Then, your stock is going to trade in the Energee Inc. stock market. You can buy and sell other players’ stock, and they’ll obviously get to do the same thing. Just as in real life, the idea is to invest wisely, and make your company value grow until it has become the kind of enterprise no competitor could avoid comparing his own to.

Sounds good? Well, that’s because the game is good. And really, really engaging. You can register for an account here, and see how enjoyable it is to create a company from the ground up, and take it all the way to the top. In Their Own Words

Can you rule the energy world?

Some Questions About

Which other games has the company already released? Which games (or services) does it plan to release next?


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