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DocoLoco.comDocoLoco is about the best of the best. It’s a community recommendation site which puts the power of the collective mind to task, ferreting out, for example, where’s the best ice cream parlour in Detroit, who has the best cupcakes in Boston, to whom you should take your sick Labrador, or who has the most panache when in comes to upscale haircuts in San Francisco.

For whatever you seek, be it in the way of food, services, or hospitality, DocoLoco aims to have it. If you’ve got something to recommend in your area, share the love, or give voice to your peeves about a place/service. Users can also subscribe to recommendations related to topic, places and people so you get the best recs for what you’re interested in. Currently, Australia has got the fair share of listings, but stateside users will also find that the coasts, i.e., New York and California, are well represented too. In Their Own Words

“Looking for a gift shop, cafe or a good vet to take your sick budgie? Ask friends and locals for recommendations.

Share all the local places you love and love to hate. Locals (and Karma) will love you for it.

Follow people, topics, places and local areas to receive recommendations for stuff you’re interested in.

Get in on the action and join Docoloco. It’s free, super quick and easy to sign up.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

DocoLoco has latched on to an interesting and good, although not extremely unique idea. Who better, after all, than locals to give recommendations? The hive mind has proved quite popular especially in this era of web 2.0 where the people rule. The site has a very clean, easy to navigate interface which isn’t too crowded with effusive features. It’s simple and gets straight to the point.

Some Questions About

Will DocoLoco expand to encompass the entire world? While these sites have proved popular, this seems to be yet another of many, how will it be able to stand out in such a crowded field? Are recommendations or people screened in any way to ensure against spam/advertising? In its early stage, the site won’t be as useful as there aren’t many people in the know, will Doco be able to gain traction?

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