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CycleVIN.comMake a point of checking this site if you live anywhere within the United States, and you are thinking about purchasing an used motorcycle. On Cycle VIN, you can request up-to-date history reports that are created with data pulled from multiple sources.


These reports cost $ 25, and you will be able to learn all there is to learn about the actual place the bike you are keen on getting comes from. You will be able to know if the bike has been involved in any kind of accident, if it has sustained significant damage in the past, if it has been stolen… In short: all the information that one needs to shop with confidence.

When performing a check, the data comes from sources such as insurance companies, salvage yards, auctions, maintenance shops and both State and Federal government agencies.

You can download a sample report on the site, and see the way in which everything looks on paper. In Their Own Words

Up to date motorcycle history reports.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Data is pulled from so many sources that you can but get a comprehensive overview of any bike that you intend to buy.

Some Questions About

How long does a report usually take to be ready? Is an expedited service available?


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