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CubeDuel.comRemember Hot Or Not? Well, Cube Duel takes the concept lying at the heart of it, and adds a professional element into the paradigm. Using Cube Duel, you will be able to rank your coworkers and make it clear who you would prefer to work with if given the choice.


Of course, this also means that other people will be able to rank and rate you, so be ready for an aftershock or two if you decide to use the site. Or maybe not – if you are dearly beloved by your coworkers, you will find yourself cruising into the list of highest-rated people that is displayed on the site. Any way or the other, you will have a lot of things to think over about the professional image that you project, and a ready chance to improve the perception others have of you if that is not right.

And as it is only suitable for a service of this nature, you authenticate who you are via LinkedIn, not Facebook Connect or any other social service. That keeps everything far more credible, and it should limit the prank potential a site such as this one can have considerably. In Their Own Words

Rank your coworkers with a single click and see whether the rest of the world agrees!

Why It Might Be A Killer

There has never really been a professional variation of the Hot Or Not concept, so this site is all the more welcome for that.

Some Questions About

Which features are forthcoming?


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