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Counto.comCounto can be defined as a countdown platform. Quite a peculiar definition, huh? In case you are wondering what that means (and I think you most likely do), all that needs to be clarified is that the site is made up of countdown timers that people create in order to let everybody know what it is they are looking forwards to.


For example, people who are looking for the final instalment of ?The Deathly Hallows? can create a countdown denoting how many days there are still to go. The same goes for people looking forwards to the launch of any computer game, or the release of the latest book by their favorite authors.

These countdown timers are created for free, and you can actually have as many of these as you feel like having. If you are a really expectant person, that is. I bet the rest of us will be content to have just one or two at best. But it is nice to know that more can be created if it comes to it. In Their Own Words

Start your own countdown, and show the world what you are waiting for!

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are a bit impatient will be able to use such a service to put everything in perspective.

Some Questions About

What practical uses can this be put to?


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