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ContractBot.comDeveloped by a Canadian company, Contract Bot is a global outsourcing platform that will let you hire contractors from all over the world to work on your projects. These can be posted for free, and over 50 different categories are already available. Workers will get to see them the moment they are posted, and bid for them. You will be able to pick the one that suits your needs 100 %.


The site comes with an integrated messaging platform and an advanced feedback rating system. Plus, invoicing is dealt with in two simple steps, and a contract management tool will let you set down all your requirements in a setting where they can be clearly reviewed by the contractor.

And no registration or posting fees are charged. The company charges a 5% processing fee when funds are deposited in the accounts of organizations instead. And affiliates can earn a 20 % commission for each referral that they make. That money is received the moment the contract work is completed. In Their Own Words

Finally a central point of contact for organizations and contractors, on a platform developed by a Canadian company. Find contractors from around the globe to

work on your projects. Find contracts to work on and make money. Contract Bot is 99% automated and handles every step of the freelancing process.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for hiring worldwide professionals to work for you in a completely comfortable way.

Some Questions About

Are there any other fees to be paid besides the one mentioned above?


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