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CompareAdvisor.comA community site, Compare Advisor invites its members to write reviews about these products that they have bought and tried themselves for the benefit of everybody. The site has just launched, and so far it focuses only on supplements – “Nutrex”, “Dymatize”, “Muscle Tech”, “NOW”… these are the categories that currently make up the main navigation menu.

Still, even when the scope of the site is somehow limited by this specificity its mechanics can be clearly appreciated.

People sign up and create their own accounts for free, and then they can start reviewing as many products as they want (remember, the site is limited to supplements for now). There is not a minimum or maximum limit of characters – reviews can comprise just one line of text or a large block in which the pros and cons of the product are discussed.

Each review also comes with a rating (going from one to five stars), and once a review has been posted others can say how useful they have found it by clicking on any of the four faces that are provided: “Helpful”, “Funny”, “Agree” and “Disagree”. And reviews can likewise be shared on Facebook. In Their Own Words

“CompareAdvisor is an online community designed to allow its visitors to find and share opinions on a broad variety of topics.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People love speaking up their minds. Sites like this one always get some attention.

Some Questions About

When will other types of products become reviewable through the site?

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