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ChaXpert.comYou can think of ChaXpert as one of these Q & A sites that are fashionable right now crossed with a live chat, and you will have grasped the concept that lies at the heart of it more than satisfactorily.


ChaXpert is exactly that: a live environment in which you are given the opportunity to interact with people who can be deemed as specialists in any given field, and who are more than willing to share their knowledge with every Dick and Tom.

Using the site simply entails posting a query on its main page for others to read, and tend to. And you can also look at the queries that others have posted, and offer a helping hand yourself.

Something that is very likable about the site is that it is absolutely open. Just anything can be asked. You can request assistance on how to create a Facebook fan page, you can ask how to promote your brand on Twitter, you can ask for guidance on how to build up a model airplane… it is all made instantly possible. Nothing will be scoffed at. In Their Own Words

Ask the community of Experts. Find the right person to help you in real time. Show your knowledge and be part of the community.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it possible for anybody to get timely help when it comes to just anything he might be facing.

Some Questions About

Are users of the site rewarded in any way or the other for their participation?


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