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CameraFound.comThe objective of Camera Found is to provide a centralized location in which people who have found lost cameras can post exactly what they have found and where, so that others can proceed to claim them back and recover all the memories that these cameras contained.


The site features a Google Map on which markers can be placed by any person who has happened to find a camera, and those who have lost theirs can also use such markers to pinpoint the spots these unfortunate incidents took place.

Additionally, the site hopes to position itself as a resource in which orphaned photos are contextualized. That is, the people on the featured photographs can all be tagged by others.

All of these services are rendered for free. Integration with Facebook and Twitter is provided, and so is integration with Flickr. And the site is already available in lots of different languages, so that even those who live in remote parts of the world are sure to be able to maximize Camera Found.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Memories are priceless. Losing a camera worth of them is tragic. A site like this one lets everybody have a clearer chance of recovering what has been lost.

Some Questions About

What if someone tags a people of you and you wish the tag to be taken away?


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