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Byb.meAre you the kind who does nothing unless he gets something tangible in return? Because if you are, this is a site that calls for your attention. is one of these URL shorteners that encourage people to use it by offering them a monetary retribution. That is, anything you share through this site that gets picked up by other people and clicked through will translate into an income for you.

The best way to accomplish that (IE, to get people to click on your links) is to actually have them shared on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. But blogs and forums are also spots that should never be missed, if only because interactions there take on an even more specific nature. Breaking the ice might be harder at first, but if you manage to do it then you are ensured a good number of people clicking on your links.

The way everything currently works, a thousand visitors will generate about $2.00. And the minimum payout is $ 10.00. In Their Own Words

The URL service that pays you.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is no better way to encourage people to do something than by offering them a monetary remuneration in return.

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Are there other companies providing comparable services?