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BetterCodes.orgWe can define Better Codes as a collaboration platform that is aimed at developers. Through this site, they will be able to connect with individuals who are tackling the very same problems that they are facing, and exchange insight back and forth until they find the answers they were in sore need of.


As expected, the site also makes for the sharing of fun experiences that you have had while coding, when working here or there, when playing that game… Groups can actually be created and/or joined, so that makes socializing even easier for everybody. And an activity feed is displayed in every case, showcasing what topics are keeping your new friends occupied as of late.

Joining the Better Codes community costs absolutely nothing (though donations are appreciated). You just choose a username that you would like to use, and then you will be ready to interact with people who are in your same wavelength, and who will probably help you solve any difficulty that you come across when trying to do your job. In Their Own Words helps you to connect and collaborate with like-minded developers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives developers a splendid chance to solve the problems besetting them, and make new friends in the process.

Some Questions About

Which languages are more popular among users of the site?


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