– Huffpost Presents Asylum for those who Like Weird News is HuffPost’s weird news section. This news could include people, animal life, science and medicine, criminals, or local items. Many different writers keep the variety of news that is odd or different flowing.

Stories are about strange anatomy, UFOs, modern gadgets and new or proposed television programs that include unusual to shocking material. Terrible accidents sometimes happen when performers are doing their stunts or skits, you can read about many of these freak incidents or view a video taping of them at, an online paper division that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The actual categories listed for readers under the Huffpost site are ‘dumb crime,’ ‘UFO,’ ‘Hollyweird,’ ‘World Records,’ ‘animals’ and ‘anatomical wonders,’ plus ‘Weird Photos and Videos.’ Some stories are frightening while others are simply weird, if you tire of traditional news will enliven your spirits about what goes on in the world that is hard to believe yet either proven or suspected from some type of information to be true.

Although you can find weird news from time to time in many places, the Huffpost is known for years of experience in its issuance of online news. Also, where else can you read about the latest winners of ‘World Records’ and outer space or dumb criminals at the same time?

Sometimes people get greedy, stories of self serving money hogs are common material at this website. Additionally there are numerous weird blogs listed here with subjects ranging from wedding ring tattoos to odd merchandise for sale. Two of these are ‘Oddee’ and ‘Dumb as a Blog’ and the titles speak for themselves.