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AskEachOther.comAsk Each Other is a social polling website. The idea is that here people are allowed to suggest topics and vote on the ones that other people have submitted.


The site is subdivided in many categories – people, sports, relationships, consumer, tech… Ask Each Other makes room for anything that is potentially debatable.

Each thread that is started includes not only a question, but also pictures that illustrate what is being discussed. That is only logical – people asking who is sexier from two women or men that are local celebrities will get a thousand more comments if images are included.

The site is free to use. Just anybody can ask others for their opinion, and any question that is asked can actually include a series of tags to ensure others will find it in a much easier way.

And the questions that have seen the biggest number of comments can be visualized along with the newest ones on the main page. This will let you see how current events are being perceived by society at once. In Their Own Words

Ask, vote… learn.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as social polling platforms go, this is quite simple and effective.

Some Questions About

Is the content of the site monitored in any way or the other?


Author : Roger Hollings

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