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Askalo.comAskalo is a questions & answers site that keeps everything localized. That is, instead of letting people ask and answer questions about everything from how to cook a lemon pie to how many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored in his life, users can ask (and answer) questions about the communities that they live in only.


The cities that people live in, then, become the true stars of the site.

A resource like Askalo will be precious both to local and non-locals. The former can learn even more about these places that they have lived in since they were born, and the latter can discover which places are a mandatory visit if they happen to come to town. The same goes for activities that could be done there.

The knowledge that is exchanged on this site surpasses that of any tourist guide. There are spots that only locals know about, and the fact that these are so readily shared on the site is what makes giving Askalo a good look something more than advisable if you are traveling anywhere. In Their Own Words

“Questions, answers, and inside information – How well do you know your city? Be a part of the askalo community!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site stands as an excellent discovery platform both for locals and for tourists.

Some Questions About

Which cities have seen the most activity so far?


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