KillerStartups – Stay Connected to the Canadian Army is a part of Milnet, the internet network centered around the Canadian military. is the website specifically geared toward the Canadian Army. It is targeted toward military members past and present, as potential recruits and anyone looking to find out a little bit more about about the Canadian forces. At you can sign up for a free user name and password to create a personal account. With this account you’ll receive access to members only sections of the site, including discussion boards and forums. Current members of the army will find the site a useful tool to stay up to date with the latest headlines that could affect the military, as well as a way to learn more about current event. Former servicemen and women can use the site to reconnect with old colleagues and stay connected to those who are currently serving.

The best feature on is the message boards. Here members discuss a wide range of topics, from current political elections to historic battles. Anyone can chime in and share their two cents in a respectful, dignified setting. The website is also a great resource for those considering enlisting in the military. You can get a feel for what life is like as a soldier with the many first hand accounts given on the forums. The Recruiting section offers great reading material on the physical requirements and career progression of becoming a soldier, as well as a thorough Frequently Asked Questions section and links to apply to serve.

Army In The Web

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