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Appyzilla.comAppyzilla is a site where applications and products for iPads and iPhones are reviewed. These include everything from productivity apps and games to cases for carrying your iPhone around, as well as books that are sure to be highly appealing to any person who has any such device.


And there is more to the site than that, as it will let you find promo codes that you can then proceed to use in order to get free apps for your iPhone or iPad.

Coming back to the featured reviews, these can be browsed by category. Some of these include “Music”, “Photography”, “Education” and “Entertainment”. And you can also look anything that interests you up specifically by using the search tool that is provided.

The site is wrapped up by a whole section devoted to the latest news connected with (and coming from) Apple. In that sense, the site will let you hear every side of the story and know what to expect from the man Jobs and the Cupertino boys at all times. In Their Own Words

“iPhone app reviews, iPad, iPod touch apps and promo codes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

iPhone and iPad owners will surely get their fill of apps and news through such a resource.

Some Questions About

How many sites that do something similar are there? How does this compare to these? Which is better?


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